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Canons and originals are open for your creative writing pleasures as well as non-human characters like Centaurs, Vampires, Merpeople, House-Elves and Goblins. A small, friendly community with a very friendly admin- you'll be able to integrate into it easily. The c-box is a great place to get to know other members. There are also activities to keep you entertained including: an award program, map and weather centers, frequent boarwide activities, games, and more! There are posts everyday and there's always someone online to talk to! If you're worried about the historical setting, don't be! There are roleplay guides and all sorts of helpful links to assist you. The application process is quick and easy. Most applications are accepted the same day they are posted. Don't miss out - there are some great surprises in store. Come check us out today!

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That is exactly the purpose of this post. So there! Check it out, k? ^^

"Time turners are delicate instruments, Miss McGonagall..." Albus Dumbledore is known for his wisdom, but none has ever carried so great a weight as this pronouncement, the words that continuously play through young Minerva McGonagall's head as she races through the Hogwarts halls with a broken time turner - within the hour she and a handful of teachers find themselves in an unfamiliar timescape.

Now it is the Victorian era, and rules of etiquette are strictly followed. It's a different world, wherein wizards and muggles no longer coexist; confined to the now bustling city of Hogsmeade, members of the magical community live their lives separate from the muggles. Whilst those accidentally transplanted from the future must struggle to find their place in a strange world, those who actually belong must do the same.

It's a world of secrecy, repression, and magic built on a tenuous foundation of shifting beliefs and hypocrisy that makes one wonder whether or not anyone[ can find their place.



It's hard to pretend you're okay when you're not.

I'm depressed. I know I am. But I'm pretending not to be for my own sake and for Nate- because I don't want him to have to worry about me while he's in Afghanistan.

Maybe it's just because I'm having a hard time adjusting to living with my parents again, in a full house, and being back in the 'civilian world' where it isn't normal to be 20 years old and married. I've been here for a month, so you'd think I'd be adjusted by now.

Some days I'm just fine, and others I feel like crying all the time. I'm keeping busy- so busy that I hardly have any time to post now, but it still doesn't seem to be helping me any.

Someone invent a time machine and fast forward me to November please?


Hm. Nate's been in the field since Monday morning, but I got to see him today for a few minutes because they let him come back to mainside to pick up his company's mail. So I met him there and brought him some lunch and icecream. Now I'm home again and have been for a few hours... and I wanted to clean and pack some, but I tried for about a minute and I just felt too sad to do it. I can't pack and clean the house for the last time by myself. :[

So instead I'm just being bored and talking to people on AIM (but I'm having some pretty interesting conversations about Canada ;] *wink wink Jess* xD). I don't want to invite people to come over either.. because the house is a mess but I just don't have the heart to clean. So I'll just sit here... Nate should be home tomorrow night sometime or Sunday morning. I hope it's tomorrow night, at least we'd get one day of the weekend before he has to go back to work.

I'm going to try to make those cookies tomorrow- I picked up some stuff for decorating them, today. I hope they turn out okay! I'll post a picture up either way. (OH, and I am not a good baker at all, so it'll be interesting!)

I'm alive!

We finally bought a new SUV and most of the stress is gone! Woohoo! I get to pick it up on Wednesday, once the papers are all done processing and whatnot. I only have this week to catch up on everything internet-wise, since I'll be busy packing things up next week and next Friday is the day that we're going to begin our cross-country drive. I'll probably be online once in a while while I'm in Illinois, but then when I fly back here on the 18th until Nate deploys, I won't be able to get online much so I'll be absent again for a couple of weeks. But once I fly back home after he leaves, I'll be done with my absences for a while... though I probably won't feel like posting much for a week or so after. I'll manage, I'm sure.

I have a lot to do today- dealing with the DMV and registration, switching car insurance, cleaning the house and starting to pack, and then catching up with WWS and Konwakeri. Oh, and I also have 2 school assignments due today.

MIA much?

My husband and I decided to buy a new SUV that has a trailer hitch so we can just rent a small trailer to hook it up to to move my stuff back to Illinois. That was Sunday. We have until this Saturday to find a car, since Sunday he's going into the field for 8 days and I won't be able to contact him at all. Not ideal for finding a car. When he gets back, we have Monday-Thursday, and then Friday is the day we're set to drive home. So we are hoping to find something by Saturday. We're not having much luck, since a lot of dealerships are trying to charge us way more than we can afford.

It's all very stressful. Plus, I'm trying to sell extra furniture that we don't need before we move so we can have extra money. And I've also got to start packing up the house- which I'm procrastinating on because I really don't want to do it. It'll make me sad. :[

With all of this going on I've been pretty much MIA in the internet world- just posting here to let you all know that I'm alive and what's going on.

Money woes & beer cookies

So as my husband is getting ready for work at 3am this morning, he wakes me up to tell me that we need to somehow scrape up $1,000 in the next 2 paychecks so we can afford for me to move home before he deploys. Our rent check is $700- if that gives you any idea of how difficult this is going to be. We plan on selling some furniture before we move, since it isn't really worth moving it to wherever we're going to be stationed next: the crappy dining table, the couch and recliner, washer and dryer, etc. We'll be able to afford matching, nice stuff when he comes back. I'm thinking we might have to sell this stuff before we were planning on it, so we can afford to move and all that stuff. We'll just have to move the futon out if the couch is sold, and eat there instead of the kitchen table. We'll hardly be home in March anyway. I have to talk to my husband about this but I think it's what we'll have to do.

That being said, I won't be able to afford to buy him a birthday present (it's February 24th.) Instead, I found a picture of a bouquet of cookies I want to try to make. He doesn't drink beer, but hey- they're really cute! All I have to do is figure out how to make cookies in that shape. It looks pretty easy decorating wise, so I don't think it'll be too hard? Hopefully?



The year is 1311 in the land of the Iroquois tribe- Konwakeri. The three clan sisters: Bear, Wolf, and Turtle, have lived in peace together for centuries. It was only when the wild wolf pack claimed the surrounding forest as their own territory did the Konwakeri tribe begin to argue amongst themselves.

The Bear Clan wished to hunt the animals for their own nourishment. The Wolf Clan believed that the creatures were great spirits, come to the earth to either bless or curse its inhabitants- they wished to worship the wolves and give them a place of honor. The Turtle Clan thought it best just to leave the creatures be.

The flames to the fire were fed soon after the Okwaho Pack's arrival- a pair of young children were eaten by the wild canines. Now, the Bear Clan is adamant about the safety of their members; the Wolf Clan claims that their previous sacrifices had simply not been great enough; and the Turtle Clan must choose which clan to side with.


- A unique and original setting
- Variety of interesting and well-developed characters
- Very active staff
- Friendly OOC Community with contests and games
- Strong, fast-moving boardwide plots as well as smaller, member run plots
- A boardwide activity every month
- A very unique roleplaying experience!

Plots are quickly unfolding and characters are being developed- you won't want to miss it! We hope to roleplay with you soon! :]

-Lola & Sara [Admins of Konwakeri]

-shamelessly advertising- xD
I'm SO excited- we get a new member at least once every other day or so. It's making me very happy and keeps me encouraged, I'm posting LOTS of ads EVERYWHERE for it. I'm going to continue to do so since it seems to be working!

The military is annoying me.

Because my husband now has a license to drive a Humvee, the Motor-T guys (the Humvee guys) keep coming over and stealing him from his work and making him teach other guys how to drive it. Apparently there aren't enough teachers or something? This wouldn't bother me, except he goes way out in the middle of nowhere to drive- so if I need to get a hold of him I can't because there isn't any service out there. That wouldn't be an issue either- it's the fact that they're keeping him out there until 8 or 9 at night- then it's a half hour drive home, we go to bed by 11, and then he's up and gone by 5 the next morning. So I see him for about 3 hours everyday. It's been going on all week and it's driving me nuts!

In happier news- Konwakeri is doing really well! I've been advertising everyday and we have about 5 new members- pretty good for only being open for a week, right?

I wish this plot with Elsbeth and Zoutou would pick up and move faster- it's hard to start new threads without knowing exactly what will happen and how she'll react to it. I hope it's over by March, since I'll be gone almost the whole month.

Oh! My friend Stacy just got a tattoo done that looks really nice. She gave me the number of her tattoo artist and we plan on going down (or up actually) to Lancaster the weekend after Valentines Day so I can get it done. They're moving their stuff every weekend (she's only moving 3 hours away, where her family lives) so we're going to follow them that weekend and crash at their new house.

Here's the design:

I'm still trying to decide whether to put it on my shoulder blade, underneath it, or farther down on the right side of my middle/lower back.

Its open!

Konwakeri is open! I've been posting ads like a crazy person, so I hope we get some new members soon! :D